The Art of You

What are the most meaningful moments in your life? It’s likely you’ll say “when my children were born” or “the day I became a business owner” or “that choice I had to make about . . . “ or any of a multitude of other things. We suspect that few of your most meaningful life moments are about an investment, a portfolio, an asset mix, a risk management strategy, or a hedging tactic. Rather, they’re about the beautiful and messy canvas of life.

So how can a financial advisor help you with the picture you envision for your life?

We’re only sure of how our firm can help you; getting to know you and understanding your life goals, offering you personalized guidance for today and tomorrow and all the days after that, creating a plan for wealth management that links all of the goals for your life with a process for making critical decisions to meet those goals . . . and even helping you paint over some mistakes.

Life is like painting. Draw lines. Stay in them, or go outside them. Fix your mistakes by painting over them. (Mistakes are okay.) Learn from other painters. Put the canvas in front of you. Close your eyes and picture what you want. Choose your colors. Take it to the edges. Paint. Repeat.