Investment Management

Our Cornerstone Is You

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy has always been “know your client.” At Regent we build an asset allocation framework that goes beyond merely providing exposure to markets. Instead, we listen to you and help you allocate your capital with the objective of preserving and growing it so that you can live the type of life you envision for yourself.

Growing and Protecting

Our asset allocation framework focuses on growing and preserving capital by limiting portfolio volatility and drawdowns. We think about real diversification and the risk within our investments all the time. We have developed a deep network of resources, including access to individuals and firms that provide timely and meaningful research. We understand that markets traverse through long term cycles and during the last phase of these cycles, significant gains that were made can be given back. As such, our asset allocation evolves and changes to reflect the phase of the cycle we are in and, consequently, the risk within the global economy.

The Big Canvas

Each investment plan takes into account key aspects about you, including the phase of your investment horizon (accumulation vs. preservation of capital), your risk appetite, real return requirements, liquidity needs, tax efficiency, asset protection needs (trust structures) and any non-financial assets that you own. We then ensure that your investment plan is developed within the context of a well-executed financial plan that looks at your whole canvas. Looking at the whole canvas allows us to develop a plan that is appropriate for you.

Guiding You to Stay on Course

Long term investing is like running a marathon. The finish line is unclear and staying on course can be challenging. The best way to stay on course is to understand and have confidence in your investment plan. We spend a significant amount of time with you coaching and teaching you about the investment plan we have built for you. We now live in a world where a vast majority of matters to which attention is paid is not only inconsequential but contrived. We help you to filter out the noise by continuously educating you about markets, the economy, investment risks and emotional biases.