Financial Life Planning

What is Financial Life Planning?

Financial life planning is a valuable service that helps clients identify meaningful goals and achieve the financial freedom they want – for a long life, well-lived. And we believe that we do it exceptionally well.

At Regent, we adhere to a formal process for financial life planning – it’s not just a nice thought, theoretical exercise, or sit-around-and-dream session.  We love guiding our clients through this process. For many of them, both individuals and couples, it is often the first time they’ve really thought through how to apply their growing assets toward what is most meaningful in their lives. What do you want to achieve? What life do you want to live? What – and who – is most important to you?

This process of discovery is meant to give you as much awareness and control over your financial future as possible. Together, we develop a personalized financial plan, which can help you assess life choices, as they arise, and consider the financial consequences of each option you are considering. Your personalized plan will help you develop financial security and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are honoring your beliefs and your values. Having a financial life planning process can help give a sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction. It can help empower individuals to make good decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Awareness of goals can make people more focused, more resilient, and more likely to develop personal habits that support their truest values.

Of course, life happens – it can throw us some surprises. A business folds, an inheritance arrives, a child is born – and so plans must change, and often quickly. A great advantage of having a plan already in place is that we can build various scenarios and then “stress test” the resulting projections against a variety of factors, to give you a full understanding of the potential impact of your financial decisions, now and in the future. This is especially critical at those times when you are faced with difficult choices and are most in need of an objective assessment of your financial situation and best options for the future.